SydEthereum June meetup in July!

We are on the move again this month and heading down to Barangaroo where KPMG will be hosting the June meetup in July. The move in date was due to a clash in scheduling.

The usual format will be followed with two talks and then community shoutouts for people to share what they are doing with Ethereum.



• 6:00pm – Networking

• 6:30pm – YawLife’s use of smart contracts

• 7:15pm – Networking

• 7:30pm – Community Updates

• 8:15pm – Networking

• 9:00pm – Closing

YawLife is a FinTech-Social-platform that rewards posters/reviewers of content and provides blockchain-based D.R.M. protection for creators. YawLife is being built with a combination of on/off-chain storage, as well as the LifeChain, which we use to dub our distributed supercomputer/A.I. built on Ethereum.

The LifeChain will utilize mobile devices and computers for human longevity initiatives, (through a partnership with a Canadian MedTech company) by using the combined computing power and neural networks to analyze electronic medical records and electronic medical history (to better diagnose, treat and cure health conditions, and extend life).

The talk will also discuss the future potential of smart contracts and the LifeChain in bridging the gap between numerous medical facilities and their respective staff through a secure, tiered-access permission gateway, which will shard data similar to ZCash and incorporate homomorphic encryption. We will also briefly touch on some of the applicable applications in the Tech industry as it relates to Healthcare, FinTech, etc.

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