SydETH: Blockchain for Noble Causes + CSIRO Research

We’re all aware of the blockchain applications for fundraising, fintech, law, insurance and exchange. But the technology also has huge potential to solve the world’s most pressing social, political, economic and environmental problems.

Join us to discuss the latest in blockchain research and to explore exciting future uses to improve the lives of everyone.




Twitter: @sydethereum


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• 5:45pm – Drinks + networking

• 6:20pm – Host welcome – Sarah Nelson @ SSE

• 6:25pm – Tonight’s epic sponsor: Danny Wu

• 6:30pm – Best-of six research papers: “Software Architecture and Model-Driven Engineering for Blockchain” – Ingo Weber @ CSIRO’s Data61

• 7:00pm – “Can the Blockchain Help Beat Fake News?” – Shane Greenup @ rbutr

• 7:30pm – Drinks + pizza (some vegan + GF options)

• 8:00pm – “Blockchain for Social Good” – Vince Meens @ Techruption and Brightlands [skype-in] *Listen to his podcast interview for amazing blockchain ideas

• 8:30pm – SydEthereum ERC20 Token! – Nick Addison

• 8:35pm – Community open mic

• 9:00pm – To the pub?

• 9:30pm – Venue closes  

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Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, Building J @ Ultimo

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