ConsenSys $50M Blockchain Fund + Community Pitches

We’re throwing an extra meetup to welcome ConsenSys to the great Ethereum community in Sydney. ConsenSys is one of the leading Ethereum venture production studios globally and the creator of tools like Truffle, Infura and Metamask and products like Gnosis, Ujo Music and uPort.

Twitter: @sydethereum

ETH: or donate.sydethereum.eth


• 6:00pm – Food + drinks

• 6:25pm – Welcome

• 6:30pm – Introduction to ConsenSys

The ConsenSys team will present their vision for Ethereum’s future development and disruption, introduce products and services, and discuss initiatives in Australia and Asia-Pacific and opportunities for collaboration.

• 7:00pm – “Venture Capital in the Ethereum Era”, Kavita Gupta, Managing Partner of ConsenSys Capital

Kavita Gupta, Managing Partner of ConsenSys Capital, will share her insights on how traditional venture capital is being transformed by ICOs and crypto investment trends and offer tips on how Ethereum startups can increase their chance to raise funds.

• 7:30pm – Networking + drinks

• 8:00pm – Community startup pitches. Apply here (now closed):

Four local Ethereum startups / dapps will pitch to Kavita Gupta:

1) Gaze Coin:
2) Rocket Pool:
3) Dappbase:
4) CryptoFlip:

• 8:30pm – Community open mic

• 9:00pm – Closing remarks

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