Creating a digital dollar with Nick Addison

Creating a digital dollar is a key enabler for businesses, governments and other organisations building on top of blockchain/distributed ledger technologies.

There are a number of models that have been proposed that will create digital fiat currencies but they have a number of short comings. Learn how a hybrid model between the current financial system used in Australia and new blockchain/distributed ledger technology can be used create a digital dollar. Also learn how this digital dollar can be the foundation layer for a host of new digital financial services.

About the Speaker

Nick Addison is an IT Solution Architect specialising in blockchain/distributed ledger technologies and financial services. Nick recently started as CTO of AgriDigital who are establishing themselves as a global leader in managing agriculture commodities. Previously to this Nick was consulting on blockchain/distributed ledger technologies.

Nick is a active member of Fintech Australia and represents them on Standard Australia’s Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (IT-041) Technical Committee.

Nick has many years experience in the payment industry including working on the New Payment Platform (NPP) that will enable fast payments in Australia to retail bank customers.