Monero Melbourne Meetup at the Blockchain Centre

Welcome to the Blockchain Centre’s Crypto Monday series featuring Monero.

Other events in the series include:

Bitcoin 101

NEM 101


To learn about Investing in Crypto Currency Masterclass feel free to sign up to our Masterclass ( the cost is $100 plus booking fee and pizza, beer or wine is included).

Once you have attended some of our Beginners sessions feel free to attend Technical Talk n Trade on Wednesdays at 6pm:

Come on down to the Blockchain Centre for an hour to receive a broad overview of Monero.

The session will be one hour. The demo isn’t going to be interactive, so don’t worry about bringing laptops.

We like to keep things at a fairly high level, so we won’t be delving into many crypto-concepts. No technical background or knowledge necessary.

If you have any questions before the meetup, let us know.