Learning about blockchain, bitcoin, smart contracts and Ethereum

Our events are for both beginners and those who are already discovering this amazing world of Bitcoin, The Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.  This forum brings people and ideas together in an informal, friendly but dynamic manner for open and informative interactions. 


Our Final Event for 2017!

An exciting evening with 4 Luck Door Prizes to give away so be sure to get you tickets at the door!!

We will hold our Beginners Room and in the Main Foyer will be Scotty & the News, Jj Janet Josie talking on the Blockchain and Ivan Jasenovic. 

The evening will be a great chance to Network with each other, ask questions especially if you have been needing help in this space.  Michaela Rankin the Chartered Accountant we had speaking 2 weeks ago will be amongst us to network with you all.  

We look forward to an evening of learning & fun!

Sunshine Coast Blockchain Team 🙂