Intro to The BlockChain – A visual demonstration of the key concepts

• What we’ll do
Dear all,

I’m happy to announce our next meeting which I am co-hosting with Ormond College. Please join us for a conversation with Nico Kunz who is a mechanical engineer turned law student who is interested in AI, privacy and economic incentive systems. Here is a description of Nico’s talk:

“You might have spent the last year watching the price go through the roof and crash to the floor numerous times. You are probably jealous of how some of your peers became overnight millionaires. All this talk about price misses the big picture! At the beginning of every large shift there is more hype (and fear) than understanding.

But what exactly are ‘Bitcouns’? What do fork, proof of work or consensus mean in the context of this technological revolution. On offer is an accessible non-technical explanation of the key concepts behind the blockchain, why they matter and how our world might change because of them.”

Nico has a deep understanding of the technology and will be happy to answer any questions you might have form very basic to complex.

I hope to see you all there!

P.S. For anyone who wants to dive into the world of blockchain for a couple of days: The APAC Blockchain Conference is going to be held in Melbourne from 13-15 March.

• What to bring

• Important to know
The gate of Ormond College will be closed, so that you will have to ring yourself in. However, reception will be notified and attended permanently. The event will be held in the ‘Senior Common Room’, but signs will help you to navigate your way.