Getting the basics straight!

Dear all,
I apologize for the long silence, but the original idea for this meetup fell through and will have to be postponed. Instead, I would like to invite you all for a conversation on the basics of blockchain technology. We will take a close look a the ‘founding’ document, namely the Bitcoin whitepaper and walk through it step by step, so that at the end of the meeting we will all be able to say with confidence that we have read and understood it. Thus, this session is all about getting the basics straight. I believe this can be a helpful exercise both for women who already have a lot of experience and can take on the challenge to articulate their understanding of the fundamentals, as well as for newcomers who can benefit from the knowledge in the room. I’m very much looking forward to see you there.

• What to bring
Ideally you should try to read the whitepaper on your own before you come to the meeting, so that we are all on the same page and can discuss it.