ETHx: Beginners Guide to Buying ETH

ETHx = independent event


We have had a lot of requests about where to get started with cryptocurrencies and have put together a course going through the basics of the technology behind them and how to get started buying and trading them. This course will cover:

• Practical experience playing with blockchains

• Trading paper money made from cryptocurrency

• How to set up wallets and manage them across different places

• Introduction to the most popular coins and their technologies

• Creating an account with the most popular exchanges

• A demonstration of how to trade between currencies

• You will leave with $50AUD worth of cryptocurrency in your accounts

If you are confused about how to get setup and buy in, this is the easiest way. I spent 3 weeks getting an account setup and missed a huge surge in Ethereum. I have set this course up so that you can take advantage of the low price at the moment.

This course will run for 2.5 Hours from 7.00pm-9.30pm at BioFoundry. The lecture will take place in Meeting room 5 and the practical will take place in the atrium. Please eat dinner before you come, but we may go for beers afterwards if attendees would like.

This course is for ages 12+ (but all ages are welcome to attend).