BULLETPROOF® BIOHACKERS – Introduction to Nootropics and cognitive enhancement!

At this month’s event we’re talking all about Nootropics! Specifically, how you can use them to enhance your cognitive abilities to get more out of each and every day!

Does that sound cool!?

Here are the topics we will cover:

• What are Nootropics?

• What Nootropics are not.

• A little history. 

• How do Nootropics work? 

• How can they help you perform better? 

• Are Nootropics safe? 

• What does the science say? 

• Top 10 Nootropics to try.

This talk will be presented by John, a fellow data-driven biohacker and productivity junkie. He’s the CEO of Hapi, a Melbourne-based wellness and cognitive supplement company.

Hapi’s Chief Scientist Adam will be around for the Q&A session at the end as well, to answer any technical questions!

For more information on the perks of attending this event, please check out the Bulletproof Living Meetup Group – http://www.meetup.com/Bulletproof-Living/