Blockchain Hackathon

The Gold Coast Blockchain meetup is thrilled to announce our first of a series of hackathons. Don’t be alarmed by the name, these events are actually going to be very friendly to relative newcomers and will allow for non-tech participants to get involved!

The events are being run in conjunction with Bond University’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine who have very graciously helped us out with catering over the event. Now you may be wondering why the Health Faculty is involved, well it’s simple: the series of events are going to be focused on how Blockchain and related technologies can play a key role in living a long, healthy and free life by enabling business that supports your lifestyle, rather than lifestyle supporting a business.

The goal with running events like these is to empower the community to start using the nascent technologies to solve real business problems for themselves. By doing this we hope to attract attention to the Gold Coast from interstate and internationally, so please tweet/facebook, tell a friend or send a carrier pigeon to your friends in Westeros.


• Location: The University Club, Bond University

• Map, please park in parking area PG3. Room is in building 6 :

• Date: Oct 15 2017

• Time: 1pm – 6pm

• Technology: Toshi –

• Speakers/mentors/coaches: Kim Hansen, David Novakovic and more.


• Some introductory presentations to help everyone get Toshi running

•  Brainstorming ideas

• Starting to implement ideas

• Deploying ideas onto the test Ethereum network


• Knowledge of coding will help, but not required as long as we have a few coders

• You own personal Ethereum address

• Here’s a video guide:

• A computer running an operating system you are comfortable with

• Kim and David will be using OS X and Linux

• Toshi can be developed on any platform, so windows should be fine too