Blockchain For Energy: ELECTRIFY.Asia – Panel Discussion & Live AMA

Worldwide, energy markets are subject to economic friction arising from centralized models; power prices are often either artificially inflated in markets with high barriers to entry or capped low to force out the competition. Blockchain technology could change that by strengthening the market role of consumers and producers by enabling them to buy and sell energy directly.

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ELECTRIFY.Asia’s mission is to enable individual consumers and producers to buy and sell energy freely through the development of a new, decentralized, open energy transaction and supply system. Join the founders of ELECTRIFY in an intimate, live session to learn more about how you can play your role in the Future of Energy.


Event Format
3:30 – 4:00 / Introduction to Electrify.Asia
4:00 – 5:00 / Panel Discussion
5:00 – 5:10 / AMA
5:10 – 5:30 / Networking & drinks

Panel Topic:
*The Future of Energy: DERs, Market Participation and Powering Choice*

Panel Speakers:
-Julius Tan, CEO, Electrify.Asia
-Matthew Hale, CTO, Everty (
-Rupert Hackett, CEO, (
-Paul Gizinski, Director, Energy Terrain

-Moderator: Matthew Grantham (Radio Presenter, Beyond Zero Emission, )

The event will be livestreamed on ELECTRIFY.Asia’s Facebook:

ELECTRIFY.Asia & Panel Speakers Profiles:

– Julius Tan, CEO, Electrify Asia

Julius started his career as a Solar Research Engineer at the National University of Singapore, before moving on as an electricity trader and, Head of Energy at the largest clean energy solution provider in Singapore. Through Electrify, Julius and his team aim to offer a seamless experience for energy consumers in Asia through the use of blockchain and AI, unlocking value for both consumers and retailers. Julius completed his BA and MA in Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

– Martin Lim, COO, Electrify Asia

With over 20 years of experience in the mass communications industry, having served as both a creative and strategic lead for a diverse range of clients ranging from SMEs to MNCs, Martin spearheads strategy for ELECTRIFY and develops new opportunities with various stakeholders from retailers to customers, offering them a fluid integration into the ELECTRIFY ecosystem. Beyond this, Martin’s passion for energy and water led him to co-found a company that develops water treatment systems for disaster relief.

– Matthew Hale, CTO, Everty

Matt is an entrepreneur, climate scientist, physicist, philosopher and passionate advocate for climate change action and sustainability. Matt has several years of startup experience around blockchain, electric vehicles, community energy as well as in scientific research and communication. He is CTO and cofounder at Everty, a peer to peer electric vehicle charging network, and also the founder of Divvi, a blockchain & energy consultancy.

Rupert Hackett, CEO,

Rupert completed the World’s First Masters of Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. As the the CEO of and a board member of Australian Digital Commerce Association, Rupert is one of the pre-eminent crypto authorities in Australia. With a background in Psychology and Economics, Rupert is passionate about the political-economic ramifications of Blockchain technology and believes it will change large parts of our identity, behaviour and governance. Rupert advises Blockcelerate on a range of issues. Come along and hear about how Electrify Asia will transform the Energy Industry.

Stephen Grescott, CTO, Cleantech
Leader in the edtech space for over 20 years, overseeing the production of numerous award-winning educational projects on almost every conceivable delivery platform including Laser Disc, Interactive Television, CD-ROMs, Internet. mobile devices for diverse audiences from preschoolers to elderly.
Exited from startup ‘Nine Lanterns’ in 2016, investor in 3 startups since then, including Energy Terrain where his business experience is being applied to the energy sector.

Drinks and Nibbles will be provided.