Blockchain as a Trust Machine

As part of encouraging the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and governments, Blockchain Australia partners with education providers to offer applied blockchain education to the general public and at discount to our members.

Given that blockchain is a relatively new technology, there is a need to both build a skills-base that can translate into the capability that drives innovation and to educate industry and business leaders about blockchain’s potential.

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About Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a new way of organising information. Transactions and other records are stored on a distributed ledger in a cryptographically connected chain that cannot be altered. This gives all authorised participants full confidence in the security and authenticity of the records.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first of many digital currencies that utilise blockchain technology. Bitcoin allows the transfer of digital value among participants who do not know one another without the assistance of a central intermediary.

Recommended Courses

Blockchain technology has been recognised for its ability to drive productivity, offer transparency, security and validity. There has been immense growth in interest of the applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and industry research shows a lack of skilled people in this field. Blockchain Collective is a leading blockchain education body, empowering enterprise, educators and students for a future in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

Blockchain Collective aim to service the growing demand for qualified and skilled people in the application of blockchain by introducing the first Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain(10747NAT). Delivered through Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), online, blended learning, face-to-face and intensive learning retreats. The Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain consists of eight modules and two optional non-core modules. It’s a vocational education course designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and experience to apply blockchain frameworks to new and legacy business frameworks. The course was designed with input from Blockchain Australia members and other key industry bodies.

Applied Blockchain Intensive Short Course (Self-paced)

Fundamental Understanding of Blockchain Technologies: This Blockchain Collective course has been contextualised for individuals who are interested in the impacts of Blockchain Technologies across a variety of sectors.  It is a self-paced learning experience that allows students work through a case study and receive written feedback on assessment tasks.

This course is designed to help you develop an understanding of:

  1. How the application of blockchain technologies can disrupt current business models and develop opportunities to create value.
  2. How to approach the development of a disruptive business model through the application of the Tenets of Blockchain
  3. How to develop a Functional Requirements Specification that informs the organisation and development teams of how the business model will be applied in practice
  4. An approach to analysing the performance of a blockchain system in bringing the business model to life
  5. An approach to Governance and Stewardship of a blockchain ecosystem

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