Roger Ver & The Free Ross Campaign on the Crypto Clothesline – Part 3/3


In the third instalment of our 3-part series on the Free Ross Campaign we chat with Roger Ver about Ross Ulbricht. This 3-part series is dedicated to Ross Ulbricht, the man behind the Silk Road e-commerce website who’s serving a double-life sentence plus 40 years for victimless crimes. In a surprising, mind-set-challenging and outspoken way, Roger Ver, founder of, libertarian and a loyal supporter of the Free Ross campaign, speaks up against the overwhelming power of the State.

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Lyn Ulbricht & Roger Ver Discuss the Free Ross Campaign on the Crypto Clothesline – Part 2/3


In the Second installment of our interview with Lyn Ulbricht we rally further momentum with the support of Roger Ver and reveal the physical effects the campaign is having on Lyn and her family. Our conversation deepens almost immediately when we ask about the emotional, financial, psychological and mental impact on her life. We also chat with Roger Ver on his thoughts behind the extreme sentencing but also his thoughts on the hypocrisy of the state.

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Lyn Ulbricht, Mother of Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road on Crypto Clothesline Part 1/3


This week we introduce Lyn Ulbricht, the dedicated mother of Ross Ulbricht. Lyn’s an Activist, a Public Speaker, the CEO of the Ross Ulbricht Defense Effort, and Guest lecturer University of Southern California.  She also has an online business. We chat to Lyn about the site created by her son – ‘Silk Road’ once found on the dark web (and which is no longer online).  We discuss the extreme sentencing Ross has been subjected to for creating the site and the harsh reality that Ross never committed any violent crimes, never harmed another person and simply created an ecommerce site.   Lyn also explains the many irregularities in the case as well as the impact on her health, her family and most of all, her son.

We strongly urge you to head to FreeRoss.Org and sign the petition.
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Jerry Farsoun of Leelou on Crypto Clothesline


This week we interview Jerry Farsoun the founder of Leelou, an app designed to keep our kids safe. Brace yourself as we travel through the conversation with some warm and fuzzies as well as some reality shocks around the story behind this incredible new application.  As mothers we loved the idea of Leelou – a personal safety app which takes its users from a personal threat to personal safety anywhere, anytime in a GSM coverage area (GSM: Global System for Mobile communications – protocols used by digital cellular networks used by mobile devices).

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Katrina Donaghy of Civic Ledger on Crypto Clothesline


This week’s interview on the Clothesline is with Australia’s prize-wining Katrina Donaghy, a woman very active on the Blockchain technology scene, who’s forging the way for both the industry as a whole, and positively encouraging women to be part of it also. After a couple of rescheduled planned interviews we finally managed to speak to Katrina from the bustling departure lounge of the airport.  We learn about how she got into Blockchain development, about her projects including Civic Legder, how she sees women in the industry, including how that will unfold in the future, the Government departments being impacted by her organisation and of course, her favourite quote.

Katrina Donaghy  LinkedIn Civic Ledger
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Shireen Yip from Travel By Bit on Crypto Clothesline


Shireen Yip. COO of Travel By Bit is a kite surfer and traveller… She found that one of the problems with travelling was the complexity that comes with exchanging currencies. Shireen and her partner Caleb built Travel By Bit from the ground up and have made travelling with crypto easy using their technology. Join us for for this inspiring episode with Shireen as we learn all about the town of 1770, paying for our holidays with crypto and how this incredible woman is paving the way for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

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Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.