Blockchain Australia feature in AFR Pullout

The Australian Financial Review has published a well written and comprehensive outline on the potential and possibilities around blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption in Australia that features several quotes from Adam.

The pullout from Wednesdays print publication outlines the various roles blockchain technology can play in a prosperous future for Australian individuals and all levels of business and government in Australia.

The PDF can also be downloaded from the Lakeba Future Hub at Blockchain-AFR

CoinTelegraph Blockshow Asia Singapore

Blockshow Asia in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with (L-R) Sheree Ip (Blockchain Australia), Dr Stephane Savanah (Chief Scientist,, and Alex Medana (CEO, FinFabrik).

CoinTelegraph brought Blockshow Asia back to Singapore’s shores last week at Marina Bay Sands, with over 100 international speakers for the event. 

Board Member, Sheree Ip, was invited to host Cointelegraph BlockShow’s panel session “Where the Future Lies: Why Capital Markets Really Need Blockchain?”. On the panel was Dr Stephane Savanah, Chief Scientist at, and Alex Medana, CEO of FinFabrik, Founding Board Member of FinTech Association of Hong Kong and Digital Economy Task Force of UN ESCAP Sustainable Business Network. 

The panel session covered many discussions on both the technical and business fronts of using blockchain technology in capital markets, how the technology is key to improving the verification and efficiency in transactions, and how it can be applied across numerous different asset classes. Watch the first day here

The week long event opened with the Blockshow Asia conference over the two days, packed full of evening networking events. The two day conference was followed by “The Future of Token Economy” from SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences) event. The week was completed with an open day from all hubs, accelerators, and companies who opened their doors to attendees for panel session discussions in Singapore.

CoinTelegraph Blockshow Americas

Blockchain Australia Board Member, Sheree Ip, with Founder of BTCChina and Board Member of BTC Foundation, Bobby Lee.

Blockshow announced its new international conference in Las Vegas, USA this year, focused on government initiatives, insights on central banks, and the evolution of law and regulations. 

Board Member, Sheree Ip, was invited to speak at CoinTelegraph’s Blockshow America on the panel discussion “Does Blockchain Technology Really Define The Future of Real Estate?”. 

Alongside Mark Mueller-Eberstein (Investor, best-selling author), Ricky Ng (Chairman and Founder of IHT), Piper Moretti, CIPS (CEO of The Crypto Realty Group), and Luca Burlando (COO of Crypto Real Estate AG) the panel discussed whether blockchain defines the future of real estate using token technology, tokenization in the space, buying real estate with crypto, investments, consumer protection and more. Watch the full panel here: 

The conference saw an array of speakers from Joanna Maska, CEO of Global Situation Room and former White House Director of Press Advance for President Barack Obama, Mike Butcher, editor at large at TechCrunch, Bobby Lee, Cofounder of BTCChina, Michael Bisping, former UFC Champion, to Dr Nouriel Roubini, Co-founder & former chairman of Roubini Global Economic – whose panel session sparked quiet the heated debate on “The Great Controversy: Blockchain As Seen From Major Institutions Perspective”. Watch the full panel here:

Blockchain Mission to China

“China has the most active digital investment and start-up ecosystem in the world, and has emerged as the world’s largest investor in fintech. The Chinese blockchain ecosystem is rapidly growing with a reported 456 blockchain companies at the end of March this year. Data from the World Intellectual Property Organization reveals China was the largest blockchain patent filer in the world in 2017, with China contributing 225 international blockchain patent applications, followed by the USA with 91 filings and Australia with 13.

China’s State Council has endorsed blockchain technology as part of an Information Technology Reformation Strategy in China’s 13th Five-year Economic Development Plan (2016-2020) with President Xi Jinping calling the technology a “breakthrough application” in May 2018. In fact throughout 2018, Chinese local government authorities have demonstrated a pro-blockchain attitude, funding multi-billion dollar initiatives and blockchain-based networks.” – Austrade

Against this backdrop, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, more commonly known as ‘Austrade’, in partnership with the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), convened a delegation including blockchain scale-ups, legal firms, and venture capitalists, to showcase their capabilities as the game-changers in the next frontier of trade between Australia & China.

At this stage, it’s worth noting the value that Austrade bring to the table as a facilitator of international trade. They:-

  • connect export-ready Australian businesses to overseas opportunities and work with them to achieve commercial outcomes
  • win productive foreign direct investment
  • promote Australian capability internationally
  • work with priority industry sectors to drive sustained long-term growth of Australian exports
  • reduce the time, cost and risk for our clients
  • provide authoritative commercial insights and information to help clients to make informed business decisions
  • inform and influence policy to support positive trade and investment outcomes
  • provide financial assistance for exporters through programs like the Export Market Development Grants scheme
  • support Australia’s regional exporters through the TradeStart network
  • contribute to economic diplomacy and protect the welfare of Australians abroad through timely, responsive consular and passport services in specific locations.

From the outset, it was clear from the immediate camaraderie among the delegates that, in addition to the access that would offered into the Chinese market, there would be considerable value in Australian companies supporting and networking with one another, and in so doing forming relationships that will accelerate their own projects and agendas.

Perhaps in the context of the Chinese having banned ICOs since Q3 2017, there was clear focus on how blockchain could be leveraged within the value chain of traditional businesses. This theme seemed to be underscored in the serendipitous timing of two press releases during the Mission. Firstly, one of the delegates, Craig Dunn of Standards Australia, was featured in the Australian Financial Review championing the need for Chinese tech giants such as Alibaba, Baidu, JD and Tencent to becomes key developers of Blockchain Standards in order to engender trust in the new systems. Then we had the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, supporting the narrative that distributed ledger technologies and blockchain are going to open up “massive opportunities” in the financial sector and beyond.

This was certainly in evidence during visits to some of China’s most prominent finance companies, including Ant Financial (a subsuidiary of Ali Baba), Ping An (a leading insurance and financial services company) and Dianrong (a Chinese fintech ‘unicorn’). The welcome the delegation received at each of these venues was warm and it was clearly apparent that blockchain technology has brought an additional dimension to Chinese-Australian trading relations. 

With new partnerships on the horizon that will offer access to the unparalleled Chinese market, the BlockBoxx team is extremely buoyant about the commercialisation opportunities we can offer our clients.

Block Talk – Perth, Western Australia


Action packed interviews with the evolutionary entrepreneurs, businesses and those behind the blockchain technologies leading the way in Western Australia.

Top industry experts in this field gathering together to discuss how crypto and blockchain are transforming business. This is a chance to find out everything you need to know about the latest innovations in cryptocurrency and blockchain happening right in Perth, WA.


Anja Nova – Power Ledger

Mark Andrich – Sustainable Platform

Allan AKA ‘Big Al’ Connolly – GEN Australia

Aden Michielsen – Taurus Institute

Abheeti Pass – Crypto Clotheline Radio

Chinelle Westhuizen – University of Notre Dame.

Dirk BaurProfessor of Finance at the University of Western Australia (Perth).

Joshua Hunt – HopgoodGanim Lawyers

Johnny Swanepoel – Blockchain Fremantle, Blockchain Perth

Martin Purcell – Titan Digital

Nick Martin – Taurus Institute

A Tale of Two Bitcoins – Video by Hayden Otto on the Uprising of Bitcoin Cash

We live in a fast-paced world where commerce is built on the backbone of reliable tap & go transactions. A superior alternative emerged with the birth of Bitcoin; trustless p2p electronic cash that’s independent of central banks, governments, or any other centralized middle-men. Bitcoin allowed people create secure, instant transactions that were virtually free. These characteristics made it a convenient payment method for merchants and users, as you only needed to broadcast your transaction to the network and you’re done.

Brisbane Cash Brisbane Meetup Tonight (31/05/18)! | Bitcoin Corporate Takeover + CoinGeek Conference Wrap Up

What we’ll do

Hayden Otto explains the corporate takeover of Bitcoin and discusses the CoinGeek Conference that was held on May 18 in Hong Kong.

After that Brendan Lee will look at the implications of the hard-fork upgrade which occurred on May 15.

What to bring
• Mobile phone
• An open mind

Please download a Bitcoin Cash wallet. We recommend, download it at After the meetup there is always a social event where fellow BCH enthusiasts can shoot the breeze on topics far and wide.

Important to know
• The Brisbane Bitcoin Cash meetup is funded in part by the Bitcoin Cash Fund with money being used to provide refreshments and to give meeting attendees small amounts of BCH to demonstrate wallet functionality. To learn more about the Bitcoin Cash Fund, please visit

Please make sure to RSVP yes if you and any guest you might be bringing plan to come over at our Meetup page.

Consensus 2018 Report


The buzz at Consensus, the blockchain industry’s conference of the year, held at the Midtown Hilton in New York, was in evidence long before you even got to the hotel. Even JFK’s notoriously stern Passport Control officials were put at ease upon hearing that the purpose of my trip was a blockchain conference. “So you’re a bitcoin guy?” Well I suppose I am…

Perhaps the event is a microcosm of the industry itself. If the number of attendees hasn’t quite risen parabolically since the inaugural 400-person edition in 2015, the 8,500 in attendance this year certainly reflects the frenzied mass-market appeal that blockchain and cryptocurrency has come to command.

This new wave of latest recruits – and there’s no escaping the fact that this is the category in which I find myself – still have to prove themselves in the school-yard which has been the traditional domain of the original Bitcoiners. If institutions and non-native blockchain corporates are to be welcomed into the gang, more evidence of their ability to contribute to the broader adoption of the technology will be needed.

“I’m not interested in Bitcoin but there is huge potential in the underlying blockchain technology” is the maxim that the traditionalists are challenging. Have we yet to see a better use case of blockchain technology than Nakamoto’s original digital currency? 

This all played out semi-dramatically in an exchange between Joe Lubin, the founder of the Ethereum startup studio Consensys, and  Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin maximalist and partner at Blockchain Capital on Day 1 during a conversation about decentralized app store ‘Clovyr’. Song cited an “insurmountable disconnect between centralized enterprises and decentralized applications” and dismissed companies that are sprinkling “magical blockchain dust” in the name of innovation. Lubin returned the challenge with a bet of “any amount of bitcoin” that five years in the future, the blockchain space will include some number of applications – perhaps five – that have earned a yet-to-be-defined number of users.

What was clear from the heated on-stage debate is that the world is watching in anticipation of real traction in the space.

Other highlights in an action-packed 3 days included:-

  • FedEx CEO Fred Smith revealing his company’s initiative to leverage blockchain because of its ability to add trust and create new chains of custody in the $50 Trillion  shipping and logistics industry.
  • Deloitte offering a snippet from their forthcoming executive survey which found that 74 percent of large companies across seven countries see a “compelling business case” for blockchain technology.
  • Shapeshift Founder, Erik Voorhees, raising serious concerns about overly-bureaucratic regulations  that are stifling innovation in New York (although the same could be said of big cities across the western world which are losing projects to more liberal innovation hubs like Singapore and Switzerland).
  • And in a standing-room-only crescendo to the event, the ever-popular founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, expressing his hope that bitcoin would become the internet’s native currency.

Away from the headline acts, there was the opportunity to touch base with some of the well-known players in the cryptosphere to check-in on how they were progressing with their tech. Of the myriad stalls and pitches, I’d like to highlight two of the more creative ones… I’m not sure if it is a coincidence that both are alcohol-related!

Firstly, Vechain were on hand to demonstrate how their product addresses the issue of counterfeiting in the global wine trade. By scanning a QR code on the label, their Dapp can identify the provenance of each bottle providing a solution with obvious benefits to both consumers and manufacturers alike.

And with the perfect spot outside the main ballroom, the Civic stall was rarely quiet. The premise of their “Zero-knowledge” identity management  app was that a customer shouldn’t have to disclose their name and address as part of  proving their age when entering a club or buying a beer. A fridge full of free Budweiser was ample incentive for the conference attendees to put this solution to the test!

One of the simplest analogies that can be applied to the blockchain industry is that the race has not really started, we’re all just building our cars. Bitcoin is approaching its 10th anniversary as the undisputed front-runner and it’s going to take more than just “magical blockchain dust” for the non-financial use cases to gain the sort of meaningful traction that will inspire broader industry adoption.