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Alex Saunders

Founder, Nugget News

Hi, I’m Alex (Nugget) Saunders, Founder of Nugget’s News. I help busy everyday people stay ahead of the herd and become successful investors.

I’ve been immersed in the crypto space since learning of Bitcoin in 2012. My investment decisions are informed by a unique combination of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as market sentiment indicators.

In 2017, I left my successful career as a head pharmacist to follow my passion and found Nugget’s News. In the time since, I’ve established a loyal following through my educational YouTube channel and Nugget’s Crypto Community.

Whether it’s speaking at community meetups, sitting on the board of Blockchain Australia, educating policymakers, or helping blockchain startups, I’ve grown to cherish my role as a trusted voice in Australia’s budding crypto community.

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