Fellows of Blockchain Australia

Inaugural Fellows at the Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain Reception

Under the Blockchain Australia Constitution, the Board may give recognition to talented and passionate individuals in the Australian blockchain community who have “demonstrated a record of achievement in promoting the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and governments across Australia as a means to drive innovation across all sectors of the economy.”

In November 2018, the ADCA Board nominated 31 individuals as the inaugural Fellows of ADCA. Their achievements span a diverse range of contributions including technological innovation, business entrepreneurs, regulatory and policy leadership as well as innovation in the corporate sector. Many of the inaugural Fellows of ADCA received official recognition of their appointment during the Industry Reception of the Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain at Parliament House in Canberra on Monday, December 3rd.

Following the merger of ADCA and Blockchain Australia in July 2019, the Fellows of ADCA will be renamed the Fellows of Blockchain Australia.

The Fellows of Blockchain Australia are eligible for election to the Blockchain Australia Board and collectively elect two members of the Board.

Fellows of Blockchain Australia:

Rob Allen Michael Go Emma Poposka
Michael Bacina William Graham Giuseppe Porcelli
John Bassilios Dr Jemma Green Professor Jason Potts
Adriana Belotti Rupert Hackett Adam Poulton
Kim Beveridge Shadi Haddad Paul Pounenidis
Robert Bollard Sarah Hickey Adrian Przelozny
Chris Cass Sheree Ip Peter Reeves
Aub Chapman David Jackson Dr Philippa Ryan
Karen Cohen Victor Jiang Alex Saunders
Grant Colthup Philip Joe-Low Fred Schebesta
Susan Corbisiero Loretta Joseph Danielle Szetho
Jarrod Crane Leanne Kemp David Temple
Lucas Cullen Dr Jane Thomason
Paul Derham Grantly Mailes Leigh Travers
Nigel Dobson Richard McCarthy Ronald M. Tucker
Katrina Donaghy Martin McGinty Kain Warwick
Craig Dunn Cindy Nicholson Emma Weston
Scott Farrell Anya Nova Claire Wivell-Plater
Sophie Gilder Lasanka Perera Caleb Yeoh
Nicholas Giurietto Joni Pirovich Dr Liming Zhu
Hannah Glass

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