Aleks Svetski of Amber on Crypto Clothesline

Don’t Be That Guy Dismissing Bitcoin

In our highly stimulating and f*ck-peppered chat with Aleks Svetski of this week, we navigated the JPM coin recently issued by JP Morgan bank and the mass-adoption waters of Bitcoin and how best to get the people to even give a shit… GetAmber is a micropayments’ system where, using a simple app installed on your phone connected to your bank account, you can opt to round up everyday payments like buying a coffee, or buying a beer or paying for your groceries, and elect to have the small change difference between your purchase and the nearest dollar, go into your Amber-based Bitcoin account. Head to to find out more.

Where can you find Aleks? Twitter & Linkedin: @AleksSvetski Medium & hacker Noon: @AleksandarSvetski
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