RMIT Research into Bitcoin Adoption and Uses

RMIT has started a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate their research project aimed at discovering how and why cryptocurrencies are being used in Australia.

Information on the project and the incentive packages available to funders of the crowdsourcing can be found at this link.

Blockchain Australia will be supporting this critical research as the results can offer concise and accurate information to the bitcoin business community on the real world use cases of this new technology and will enable these businesses to tailor their business and services to the users of this technology.

The research will be headed up by Alexia Maddox (Twitter @alexiamadd) from RMIT and is the culmination of a 2 years of work to put this project together. Alexia will be joined by three other RMIT researchers in Supriya Singh, Heather Horst and Greg Adamson.

Further Reading on Alexia’s Blog Post.