Scam Alert: The Complete Guide to Bitcoin Scams

While bitcoin has seen a sudden price rise, unfortunately so has the number of scammers taking advantage of the positive in market conditions. While scammers are not new, in an highly unregulated market they thrive in taking on opportunities of those of us who are less informed, on the state of the players in industry.

We here at Blockchain Australia, feel the need to inform the general public of relevant news and those who are less than honorable people and organisations operating in this space. Which is unfortunate as they have contributed to the bad rap and press in the media of those who are doing great work in this industry. We have started a new segment to highlight reported scams known in this industry. Please check back to make sure you are informed on what is happening in the bitcoin community.

There are many different types of ways scammers can operate in this industry. Freelance writer Suraya Zainudin has put together a useful guide ‘The Complete Guide to Bitcoin Scams‘ that can give you an insight to avoiding possible fraudulent situations. But as always it is important to always be vigilant and do your own research. If something is too good to be true, it is very likely you should pay attention to your instincts, as that is likely to be the case.

Blockchain Australia @ Linux Conf 2017

The Linux Conf 2017 has just wrapped up in the City of Hobart, Tasmania.

The Conference saw 3 days full of inspiring, educational, technical and conceptual discussions on a wide range of topics around Linux and the Open Source communities.

As the head of Blockchain Australia, an Australian based advocacy group charged with introducing and educating about the benefits of blockchain and bitcoin to a wide cross section of the community, it was a pleasure to make the trip to Hobart to do a short presentation outlining decentralisation and the role that blockchains can play in the process.

Being limited to 20mins, the presentation was a very high level view of several use cases where bitcoin/blockchain could add efficiencies to existing systems or create new systems that were previously impossible.

My presentation touched on bitcoin, Flux, smart contracts, among other things along with an interesting story about the island of Yap and the rai stones that are used as money. I my view, this was a precursor to the blockchain in the way they money was moved from individual to individual via a community meeting.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to our efforts, please join our association either as an individual member or a corporate sponsor.

Adam Poulton



Blockchain Standards Roadmap Workshop

Australia will be hosting the worlds first International Blockchains Standards Meeting in Sydney, April 2017, on the formation of Standards around Blockchains and Digital Currencies.

Blockchain Australia Board Member Alan Tsen and Nick Addison from FinHaus Labs have been working on the submissions to date  and will be heading up the work in Australia and at the upcoming RoadMap Workshop on Feb 17th in Sydney.

The road mapping exercise is designed to identify key stakeholder issues and to develop a priority list of standards for development to support blockchain technology.

All relevant Australian stakeholders are invited to participate:
• Take the Blockchain Standards Roadmap Survey (closing date 10 February 2017)
• Attend the Blockchain Standards Roadmap Workshop (17 February 2017)

These activities will shape the Blockchain Standards Roadmap Recommendations Report to be released on 28 February 2017. The Blockchain Standards Roadmap will provide recommendations for Australia’s strategic leadership on International Blockchain Standards, by identifying issues and use cases, defining standards development work streams and developing a draft work program for consideration by the International Blockchain Standards committee ISO/TC 307.

The Standards Australia Survey of Blockchain/DLT closes in 2 days 

Please take the survey if you want to have your say on the  standards roadmap.

Australian Bitcoin Pizza Day events

On this day bitcoiners all the world over will celebrate the anniversary of the most expensive pizzas in history.

Bought on 22nd May 2010 programmer, Laszlo Hanyecz, paid a fellow Bitcoin Talk forum user 10,000 BTC for two Papa John’s pizzas. Back then – when the technology was just over a year old – that equated to roughly $25, but is $5.12m by today’s exchange rate.

At bitcoin’s all-time high, the pizzas would have been worth an eye-watering $11.47M, making them likely candidates for the most expensive pizzas of all time.

Now widely recognised as the first real-world transaction with bitcoin, May 22nd has come to celebrate ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’, with cryptocurrency enthusiasts raising a slice to Hanyecz’s infamous hunger pangs that paved the way for early merchant adoption.

Come and celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day.


Email to list your event.

Australian Senate, Economics References Committee Hearings on Digital Currency

On Wednesday 26th November 2014, the Economics References Committee in the Australian Senate held hearings on digital currency including Bitcoin.

The hearing was chaired by Labor Senator Sam Dastyari following guidance issued in August by the Australian Taxation Office that GST will be charged when businesses supply bitcoins or receive bitcoins in return for goods and services.

The Bitcoin Association of Australia submitted our comments to the Senate Economics References Committee for their inquiry into digital currency.
All submissions to the inquiry can be viewed here .

View the Bitcoin Association of Australia submission (PDF).

Here is the full recording of the hearing.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos In Melbourne And Sydney

UPDATED 27th NOV 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended the “sold out” (free) event, The Bitcoin Address, in Melbourne and Sydney. Andreas Antonopoulos, Tatiana Moroz and Pamela Morgan were very well received in Australia before heading to New Zealand’s Bitcoin South conference.

Below are recordings of their Australian appearances.

Melbourne 24th Nov 2014

Sydney 25th Nov 2014


POSTED 5th NOV 2014

The Bitcoin Association of Australia is proud to partner with CoinJar and College Cryptocurrency Network to bring The Bitcoin Address to Melbourne and Sydney, including crypto expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos, entrepreneur and musician Tatiana Moroz and Principal of Empowered Law, Pamela Morgan.

The event is free and open to the public.


When: 6:30pm, Monday 24 November
Where: Inspire9, 1/41 Stewart St, Melbourne VIC 3121
Reserve Your Place Here


When: 6:00pm, Tuesday 25 November
Where: Atlassian, Level 6, 341 George St Sydney, NSW, 2000
Reserve Your Place Here


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Andreas M. Antonopoulos

“I’ve been looking forward to visiting Australia, as it has a vibrant and active bitcoin community. Australia’s high tech and entrepreneurial culture combined with its young population make it fertile ground for bitcoin.”

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a world-renowned technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become an in-demand speaker on all matters surrounding the crypto-currency, including a recent appearance before the Canadian Senate. Author of ‘Mastering Bitcoin’, Antonopoulos has launched several bitcoin companies and projects, and advises other companies on using the crypto-currency to its full potential.

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Tatiana Moroz

“I have always dreamed of visiting Australia. It represents this raw adventurous spirit… I know that bitcoin has some really solid support and interest in the community, but I also know that just like in the states, there will be plenty of people who don’t know about it yet! In between hiking, swimming, and checking out the sites, I hope to have many opportunities to share how bitcoin has improved so many lives around the wall and is a truly international phenomena.”

Tatiana Moroz was so passionate about crypto-currencies, she began her own — Tatiana Coin — as a way of fundraising to kickstart her music career. The US-based musician is now credited with spreading use of bitcoin among the artistic community, particularly in New York.

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Pamela Morgan

Pamela Morgan is Principal of Empowered Law, former member of the Bitcoin Foundation and an expert in all things bitcoin law. She regularly works with businesses and projects relating to smart law, smart contracts and using blockchain technology to reduce risk and uncertainty in business and legal settings.


About the organisers

CoinJar is Australia’s largest and longest running bitcoin company. They create simple products to empower people to manage their digital finances, including Australia’s first bitcoin EFTPOS card, Swipe. They’re proud sponsors of this event.

The College Crypto Network started in the United States in March 2014. They bring students, staff, and faculties interested in Bitcoin together, providing a forum for discussion and events on campuses. The CCN now has clubs operating in over 100 universities across 6 continents, with its Australian base at The University of Melbourne.

The Bitcoin Association are Australia’s leading Bitcoin advocacy group dedicated to the standardisation, protection, and promotion of Bitcoin and crypto-currency in the region.



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President’s Report For The First Annual General Meeting

First and foremost i would like to thank the board of the Bitcoin Association of Australia. The board is comprised of volunteers who have, for over a year now, given up their time to further the progress and awareness of Bitcoin in Australia.

I’d also like to thank the founding members, who have since moved on to other projects, for their vision in helping start our association. These founding members have been key in helping shape the organisation.

A big thanks has to go to you, the members of the Bitcoin Foundation and the Bitcoin Association of Australia. Your help and support is what define us. The success of the Bitcoin Association of Australia is a function of your support, and I speak on behalf of the board when I say we exist to represent and serve you.

The board is a geographically disperse group of people with various skill sets ranging from deeply technical to finance to managerial. We each bring to the table our experience and a passion to change the world.

Over the past year we’ve seen good progress in achieving our goals of promoting and educating people regarding Bitcoin within Australia.

Firstly was the run up to being one of the first affiliates of the Bitcoin Foundation. This was a lengthy negotiation process that has ultimately put us in a great position to move forward with their support.

The Bitcoin Association of Australia was also involved in the first homegrown Bitcoin conference in Australia – the Bitcoin Barcamp put together by Sharon Lu. Several members of the board made the trip to Sydney to introduce themselves, attend the conference, and answer questions from the participants.

Not only was the BAA at the Barcamp, we were represented at Sydneys Cryptocon and Melbourne’s Inside Bitcoin conference.

Just recently, I represented the BAA at the Vegas Inside Bitcoin conferences with the goal building good international relationships. It is important that as a representative of the Australian community we can plug in and work with people internationally. I made some great contacts which the BAA can leverage to help promote the Bitcoin movement in Australia.

I’d like to thank the organisers of these conferences, namely Jonny Peters, and Meckler Media for their support of the Bitcoin Association of Australia.

Not only has the BAA been involved in national and international community events, we have begun putting together local events such as Bitcoin Professionals.

Bitcoin Professionals is a specialised meet up, begun in Sydney with the help and assistance from Reuben Bramanathan, recently been syndicated in Melbourne with Remco Marcelis taking the lead.

The idea behind Bitcoin Professionals is to target the professional demographic, in a semi-formal setting to promote Bitcoin, dispel myths and talk to people about how Bitcoin might apply in specific business environments.

The BAA would like to thank both Reuben and Remco for their efforts.

Bitcoin has grown up over this past year. We, as a community have been put in the spotlight from regulators, legislators and law enforcement alike.

The BAA was proudly represented in Canberra this year educating our public servants on what Bitcoin is, dispelling myths and re-enforcing truths. This forum was organised by the ADCCA, and the BAA would like to thank them for their support.

During the year the Australian Tax Office consulted the Bitcoin industry regarding the taxation of Bitcoin in Australia. The BAA was a part of that consultation process and worked with the ATO to provide education and information about Bitcoin, and the ways in which we would like to see taxation fairly applied.

As a part of this process the BAA provided a public response to the ATO. I would like to thank Adroit Lawyers and McCullough Robertson for their support in putting together this wide ranging and exceptionally detailed response.

Regarding law enforcement, the BAA has provided training and information to several bodies, both at the national and state level.

The Bitcoin Association of Australia has developed significantly over the past year. The board first came together as a group of enthusiasts, but matured into a trusted organisation that has become a focal point in Australia, taking real action to support the development of Bitcoin in Australia.

While the BAA might be the focal point of Bitcoin in Australia, we only exist because of our passion and belief in Bitcoin. We were all a part of the community before putting our hands up for the BAA and we all believe at a very fundamental level that Bitcoin represents positive change in our society.

There is so much for our community to do. We are only limited by our imagination and willingness to contribute. If you have an idea, get in touch. If you want to get involved with the BAA, drop us a line.

Let’s change the world, let’s do it together.

Vires in Numeris

Jason Williams
President, Bitcoin Association of Australia.