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Securing money for giving, social impact and microfinance activities – plus distributing and tracking these funds – is a big challenge for people working in the humanitarian sector.

Charitex aims to deliver an innovation in such social enterprise, by deploying a smart business model and improving the technology of giving – with a vision to create real and positive impact for people.

Charitex is not a Charity or simply another crypto donation interface.  Rather it is a profit-for-purpose business with a smart model and ambition to build and launch a blockchain for social impact platform.

As the digital space matures there is increasing demand for more authentic and ethical projects.  And projects with asset backing.

Charitex is one response to this call.

It is a blockchain project to deliver positive social impact.

ICO’s may continue but Charitex presents the first-ever ECO™ (Ethical Coin Offering) with its ECO launch planned for late July, 2018.

Distribution, trust, equity and peer-to-peer accountability is at the heart of blockchain. This is a logical technology to deploy in order to address issues of social and environmental need.

Using blockchain a token economy can be designed to give attention to commercial imperatives, as well as, enable the building of positive social impact and value.

Charitex will leverage blockchain, integrate other tech and software plus engage a community to introduce a new approach to creating social impact.

The system side-steps the ongoing need for donations, instead will conduct a funding event offering positions in the Charitex Social Impact Fund with an associated Charitex token.

  •   Once established the business will put funds to work (trading) to create yield
  •   The business will evolve and generate ongoing revenue via multiple revenue streams
  •   It will link with and grow an engaged Community using the utility token (ERC20) for voting and social impact project nominations
  •   Charitex has a plan to create an integrated platform for management and P2P funding of social impact projects

The Charitex platform will be offered fort to Friends of Charitex: when proven it will then be promoted to a broader market which includes NFPs and NGOs …as well as for CSR clients.

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