Olympus Labs Cryptomas: Sydney Blockchain Meetups Party

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To celebrate 2017, the achievements, the glory, the hacks, the lessons, the good, the bad and all that happened in the “cryptoverse”, the Sydney blockchain meetups have “chained together” to, in a ironic turn of events, centralise fun.

Grab a ticket or a few, bring your significant other or that friend who just “doesn’t get why you won’t shup up about it already”.

Music, drinks and finger food included.
When: 20 December, from 6pm to 9:30pm
Where: Metropolitan Hotel, 1 Bridge St.


(Sold) Platinum
(1 left) $3k Gold: 5min talk + logo everywhere
5x $1k Silver: intro mention + logo everywhere

To sponsor, please contact organisers ๐Ÿ™‚


SydEthereum Meetup – Nathan Waters, Luke Anderson, Nick Addison, Ben McAlary, Daniel Bar
Blockchain Professionals Meetup and BitcoinSYD Meetup – Adriana Belotti, Jason Williams
Australian Healthcare and Blockchain Meetup – Tal Rapke
Flux Party Sydney – Nathan Spataro, Max Kaye, Thomas Sesselmann